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Grandmas House

One time I went to my grandmas house to go catch some bait in her canal and I spotted some oscars. So I cast the net there. When I pulled the net up I had about a dozen 3 to 6 inch oscars and one 2 foot sucker fish which now lives in my pond.

My Wonderful Wife

My wife recently bought me a 4ft fitec super spreader for fathers day. Since getting the cast net my son and I have better fishing trips. We always come home with fish ranging from 14 ounces to 2 1/2 lbs. I have caught several large mullet and 2 1/2 lb black drum. We also come home with enough shrimp to go fishing with the next time! We catch more fish with the net than we do with our poles.

First Place


In June, my team was fishing in a catfish tournament at a local lake. I had been using my Fitec net to catch a few live shad as we needed them. For this reason, I still had my net out and handy. About an hour before the tournament ended, I hooked into a nice catfish. After a good little battle, the hook just came out of his mouth about ten feet from the shore. My partner yelled at me that the fish was still there, just hanging out. I grabbed my Fitec Super Spreader and made one cast, right on target. Well I'll just say that a 9 pound 8 ounce Channel catfish can tear a few holes in a net. But after landing him and finding out he weighed in as the Big Fish and put my team in first place for over $400.00 in prize money, I didn't mind the holes.

Not Long Ago


Well, this story happened not to long ago and I'm only 14 years old. I was using one of my grandpa's cast nets down at Sneads Ferry, North Carolina. It was my first time throwing a cast net and I was doing pretty well catching manahaden and pinfish. I was using 3 ft that spreaded out to 6 ft and I really didn't know how to use one. Surprisingly I caught three small mullet on my first cast at a huge school of mullet. So any way I threw at a huge school of small manahaden and let my net sink to the bottom which was only about five feet and caught three huge popeye mullet. Come to find out, my grandpa who was using a 6 ft cast net that spreaded out to 12 feet hadn't caught any popeye mullet that day. Oh
well, I can say now that that was the best time I've ever had fishing with my grandpa. I've loved cast netting ever since too because my grandpa introduced me to the sport of bait fishing

Local Newspaper


This past September I purchased a new Fitec Super Spreader six foot cast net. Though I've tried other brands, I found that I get the best spread with the Fitec Super Spreader which allows for optimum catches of bait fish and shrimp so that's all I use! My husband and I went out shrimping around Cumberland Island, Georgia as we've done many times since we retired and I figured I'd take my new Fitec Super Spreader cast net and break it in. After catching approximately 24 quarts of shrimp, I decided I'd throw just one more time before we went in. I threw my net from the bow of the boat, getting a good spread as I always do with this brand of net and thought I'd caught an oyster bed until the net came alive! I was finally able to get the net up (with my husband's help) to find a huge black drum that was 45 inches long and tipped the scales at just over 60 pounds! Best of all, it didn't hurt my net at all and I still use it. We made even made the sports section of our local newspaper! Please keep up the good work and keep making these great nets that are easy to throw and give you a great spread with every throw! Sincerely, Ruth Harvey

Never Waist Time Again


To start with, let me just say that until yesterday, I had never thrown a cast net in my life. And, because I live in Northern California, where cast nets are something of a rarity, it was just last year that I actually saw someone using a cast net. Within an hour he managed to load his five-gallon bucket with what I estimated to be about $20 worth of live baitfish. I was duly impressed. He offered me the chance to try his net (a 6' radius SS 1000 Series), but I politely declined as I imagined myself completely fouling myself in his net and stumbling into the water. A couple of months ago, while browsing through a local tackle shop, I noticed that they carried cast nets (very rare here in the San Francisco Bay Area). I walked away with a 3-1/2' radius RS 750 Series thinking this would bea good beginner's net. However, due to lousy weather AND the fear of making a fool of myself by throwing it wrong, I never attempted to use my net - that is until yesterday. I saw the same guy I had seen the previous year with his net at a local pier. When I saw him pull up about a dozen baitfish on a single throw, I decided that it was about time to give it a shot. I went back to my truck, quickly leafed through the throwing instructions one more time and marched back to the pier, net in hand. The moment of truth had arrived. I set up my grasp on the net as described in the instructions and threw my net over the railings. To my complete surprise, my net opened completely as it made a graceful arch down towards the water. It hit the surface in a perfect circle! To top it off, I caught 10 baitfish ON MY VERY FIRST THROW!!! In about half an hour, I had more than enough bait for a day's fishing. Using a cast net was easier than I ever imagined! I am now a believer in using cast nets for catching live bait. Before, I either had to spend LOTS of money for live bait, or spend more time jigging for bait than I actually spent going for the game fish. Thanks to my Fitec net, I will never again waste my time or money trying to get live bait again!!!

Shrimp Baiting


Shrimp baiting is one of the most challenging sports on the Gulf coast. They call it recreational shrimping, but I don't know why. It's hard work! Last October, we were catching shrimp with my old seven foot net when all of a sudden I pulled in an eel about three foot long. He was so wrapped up in the lead line I couldn't get him out. The only other net I had was an eight foot Fitec Super Spreader I bought prior to the season. I'd never thrown anything larger than seven, but I decided to give my new net a try. My new Super Spreader always opened beautifully , from the very first cast, and we caught our limit of shrimp quickly. From now on I'll always throw an eight foot net. Thank you, Fitec, for helping me cover more water per throw. I owe you a South Carolina shrimp cocktail!

Customer Testimonies

FITEC International and our Super Spreader™ and EZ Throw™ Super Spreader™ Cast Nets Division are pleased that many of our customers have provided us with comments and stories on their experiences with our cast net products.

We are grateful to our customers for the time and effort they take in letting us know how they feel about our products. After all, we want our customers to enjoy their time fishing and we recognize that our cast nets play a part in their
experience. We are pleased to share our customer's comments and thought you would enjoy them also. Happy Fishing to you all!!

Cast Nets Customer Stories

No More Fishing Rods for Me!


I honestly own FOUR of your FITEC Super Spreader 9-footer and let me tell you why. Modesty aside, I caught what could have been the largest fish ever caught with a cast net and I used a Super Spreader. That made me think it was the most dependable cast net. It was a 450-lb fish that went towards my submerged green fishing light. No typo there. It was 450 lbs. You could wrap your big arms around an oil drum and touch your fingers, but one big guy I was fishing with hugged the fish and yelled; "I can't touch my fingers, man!" We quickly released it, but to avoid legal issues I will not name the type of fish and the country where it was caught, but I can say that we were fishing from a bridge. The net wasn't damaged at all as the fish was locked safely inside by the bail pouch and since it was so close to the shoreline it wasn't able to move and was unharmed. There were dozens of bewildered guys cheering me on as I captured the fish that looked like a small car with this net and it is, undoubtedly, an incredible catch. As far as mullet fishing goes, I have used the Super Spreader to catch a six-mile long school of extra-large mullet mostly over 28 inches long (yes I've caught two that were longer than that and each throw would take FIVE (not 4 but 5) men to pull the net as it was loaded with mullet. The Super Spreader never gave up. Very strong and not heavy to throw at all (SO YOU COULD CARRY IT AND WAIT FOR FISH ALL DAY LONG). I had two of these nets on that day, so we would alternately throw the nets; I would throw one and the other guys would take the fish out from the other net. The Super Spreader, in my humble opinion, is the best castnet for mullet, bar none. Needless to say, I am addicted to cast net fishing. NO MORE FISHING RODS FOR ME! HAH! Please make sure you release fish that are not legal to catch with castnets, thank you.

I quickly became addicted to the ease of throwing


When I was eleven, I was introduced to Super Spreader cast nets. I quickly became addicted to the ease of throwing, quick sinking, and the net opening fully practically every time I threw. I then went to the nearest sporting goods store and bought a ss-750 Series four foot net. I still have that net and still use it, whether I am catching bait or just having fun, which is very easy to do with such a great net. That net has caught everything from shiners and minnows,
chain pickerel, bream, shad, bass (quickly released), huge tilapia, pompano, mullet, menhaden, and even an eight pound mudfish. I have had many good experiences with my net, including digging holes in the beach sand that were filled with water and promptly filling them with pompano for a homemade aquarium. Or another time when I was the only one getting bites using shad for bait caught in my net on the St. Johns River, except for a friend who I donated some bait to. Or scaring people half to death when I pulled up a huge, thrashing and splashing mudfish from a boat dock. Or the time when I and a friend were catching tilapia and we brought them home and ate them. They were so big you could only fit two into a 5-gallon bucket. Two years later and I still have the same net, no worse for wear. It is still in great shape and I use it regularly. I regret that I am upgrading to a six foot net, but it is a Super Spreader, so I am not at all worried about the quality of my next net..

These nets pay for themselves


This is not your typical story about " I bought a the first cast...filled..", instead this is a story about cast nets that work for a living. As a fishing guide on the Texas Gulf coast I use a lot of live bait in a year. By catching the bait with a cast net a lot of money is saved not to mention that the bait is lively and is what the fish are feeding on at the time. A good net such as the Fitec Pro Series and Fitec Pro Select makes easy work out of catching bait. The net opens full and sinks fast meaning more area is covered and less bait is missed. This is important when you have clients sitting in the boat eager to start fishing and don't want to waste their day chasing bait. I use the Fitec Pro Series and the Fitec Pro Select in the seven foot radius in the ¼ and 3/8 inch mesh depending on what bait I'm after . I have learned that these nets spread open superior to the discount store nets and will catch more bait per cast. In conclusion the Fitec nets are quick to pay for themselves in both time and money.

I honestly couldn't believe it ...


Being in college the bank account usually reads LOW BALANCE, so catching dinner is a plus. A couple of my roommates and I fish the San Pablo River here in Jacksonville, FL with some regularity. Our big thing here is redfish, and he who has the freshest bait catches the biggest fish. Now, my father uses a FITEC castnet in the Tampa Bay area and swears by it, so for X-mas my dad bought me a FITEC Super Spreader like his. Well, I got back to J-ville and busted it out on the finger mullet under the bridge, all my friends laughed, they all claimed that I wasted my money and that they could catch just as much bait with their cheaper, low-grade cast nets. I told them that I would bet that not only would my net catch more but that anybody could throw it in 3 tries. The bet was simple, I would ask the next person that walked over the bridge to be our guinea pig, if I won They each would have to do my laundry for a week, if I lost the bet I would have to clean the fish for the next 3 fun!! Over the bridge comes a boy on a bike about 8 yrs old and about half as tall as my net was long. I showed him the basic technique and then stood back to let my fate unfold. Toss number one hit the bridge pylon and never hit the water, good form just bad toss. The second toss was a full spread, I honestly couldn't believe it hit the open water and pulled up about 6 Finger mullet, when my friend were barely pulling 3-4!! Luck.. I don't know, I think it has something to do with the net. True story, I bought the kid a drink at the dock and and now my fishing buddies are laundry-boys.

My Heart Beamed with Pride as the Net Opened


My friend and I had always bought bait and never thought of catching our own bait until one day we were fishing one of the inlets in Virginia Beach. We saw several people throwing cast nets and pulling in dozens of baitfish. We talk to
one of them about how to throw, and where to find one. They said, “if you going to get one get a Fitec you won’t regret it” So later that day I called around, found a Fitec dealer, immediately drove out, and bought one. When I got home,
I went into the back yard and practiced for about twenty minutes. I felt comfortable that I’d be able to catch my own bait. The next day I took my thirteen-year-old daughter fishing to the same inlet. After making a few throws, she wanted to try it. So I gave her a few instructions and with-in three throws she threw it perfectly. My heart beamed with pride as I saw the net open to full circle and hit the water. We were both cheering at the sight. When she started
to pull in the net, she looked at me and said “Dad it feels real heavy”. So I helped her pull it in and not only did she net about a half dozen baitfish but she had netted two good size Puppy Drums. I looked at her and said “well doesn’t
that figure every time I teach you something about fishing you have to go and show me up”. Then we laugh till our sides ached. What a great day.

Scampi for Dinner


This is a great story and an experience I will never forget! My 3 sons and I spent a week on Jekyll Island, GA. We had never been to Jekyll, but the promise of spending a week camping out and fishing all day, everyday, seemed a great way to spend a week, especially for us guys! So that first morning, we couldn't wait to get at 'em! But we were shocked to learn that the only bait shrimp we could buy on the island were frozen... and expensive. An island local told us we
could go to St. Simon's Island to buy live shrimp, "Or," he said, "you could just catch your own. That's what we do." He suggested we go into Brunswick to find a "good" net. "You'll be glad you did." I wish I could remember the name of
the tackle shop he gave us directions to, but the husband-wife team owners were the best! I told him I was there for a cast net. He walked me down an aisle and pointed out his stock. "Hmmm?" I don't know what I expected, but I had never bought a net. The owner correctly surmised that I was like a dear caught in the headlight. "I use a Fitec," he said. "You'll have it for a years, so buy quality. You'll be glad you did." Where had I heard that before? With his guidance, we bought a Fitec Pro 5 foot with 1/2" mesh. He said Georgia has legal limit of 1/2". It cost around $75, but we could easily spend $50-$60 that week on live bait, AND we would still have the net. Best part of the story, when we get back to Jekyll Creek, the pogies are literally popping like popcorn. Turns out my kids cast like old salts in just a few tries (really, they learned in just a few casts!) and boat dozens of pogies with each cast. We had more fun with that net during that trip than with anything! And we caught shrimp, too, so we had scampi for dinner... instead of hotdogs. Thanks for the memories!

Fall Brings New Season for Bait Casting


The fall brings a lot of things for a lot of people. For some it brings the start of college football. For some it brings cooler weather and the start of hunting season. For me it brings the new season for bait casting for South Carolina shrimp. As a child in the upstate of South Carolina I was dressed in Clemson orange and off to the games we went every Saturday starting in September. Now starting in September I am wearing a rain suit (Still Clemson Orange) and catch cooler after cooler of fresh South Carolina shrimp with my 8' 1/2" Fitec Pro Select Series bait casting net. Every year as it gets closer to the fall everyone is hyped over their football team and what the season may bring. For me I can think of nothing but standing on the bow of my boat with my 8' 1/2" Fitec and the amount of shrimp it will bring in with each cast. Thanks for making such a great product. Maybe in a few years you can make an Orange net!!! Sincerely, Joshua Holcombe

Oh Did We Catch Fish!


I have had my 'FITEC' Super Spreader Pro Series 5' 3/8 in. mesh cast net for over a year now and have caught countless dozens of gizzard and threadfin shad. Certainly the net paid for itself about the fourth or fifth time out, if you base prices on purchased live bait at the the bait shops. BUT...That's not the story! My family and I have just completed a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama (1st time to Gulf Shores) and of course I took my 'Super Spreader' along with me. Locally caught baits are what the 'local' fish feed on... right? Well, My brother-in-law and I took out one morning to fish the jetties and stopped on the 'bay side' to catch bait. Hoping to catch finger mullet for trout or grey snapper, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find on my first cast: 4 finger mullet, 5 shrimp, 2 croaker, 1 small crab, and a baby flounder(which I immediately released), came back on the retrieve. My brother-in-law kept saying, "Wow! Wow! I can't believe all that bait in one cast." I told him don't always expect to be that lucky on every cast. He was so excited about catching bait that he asked to throw the net.(No previous experience) With a couple minutes of coaching he was about to throw a pretty well-rounded cast. He thinks it was his 'quick learning'- I told him it was the coaching... But anyone who has used a 'Super Spreader' knows it's gotta be the net! Thanks for an OUTSTANDING Production. Oh...Did we catch fish? You know we did! 3 grunts, 5 hardheads, one "Break-Off"-Probably a mackerel and 1 pompano-One good eating fish and the rest were fun...almost as much fun as wondering what the next cast of the net would retrieve! Now you have another devoted fan other than myself! Sincerely, Ross Harlow

Superior Way to Get Bait


He was moping around the house and grousing about paying good money for bait - $2.50 for a dozen worms, $5.00 for a dozen minnows, $3.50 for a dozen sickly crawdads. "Man, I wish I could just go out to Sutters Bypass and catch some fresh, wigglin' bait. If only I had a another castnet like the one I got from Fitec - but it was stolen."So I bought him another Fitec castnet over the Internet, legal size - 3 feet for California fresh water - and he took it out to catch bait. I took some photos of the castnet fully extended as it hit the water, looking like a flower in full bloom in the morning sun. We caught abundant crawdads with a flick of the wrist, and soon a 5 gallon bucket was full. I'll admit, the fattest ones weren't eaten by the fish. Yum! But the rest were just fine for bait. That was the fish-gettinest bait you ever saw. Thank you, Fitec,, for the Super Spreader - a superior way to get bait. A. X. Harris


 Anthony S. Edgewater, FL

"I throw the 6' net very good. Good net."

  Robert S. Sunrise, FL

"Great net. My 11 year old [son] had never thrown a cast net before. The first time he threw it at your display booth it opened perfectly. I was sold!"

   Josh W. Vancleave, MS

"This is the best net I have ever used."

   Danny S. Omaha Beach, FL

"Good quality Net"

   Jose B. Clearwater, FL

"I tournament fish SKA Division 6 team "FLATLINER". We unfortunately lose at least one net per season. For the price and durability, your nets cannot be beat!"

   Jason B. St. Henry, OH

"I have bought over 15 [of your] cast nets over the years and I love them. I wouldn't give it up for all the money in the world."

 Michael G. Pensacola

"You have a good quality product at a reasonable price. Keep it up."

   Don F Sapulpa, OK

"Love you nets. I buy 2 nets a year."

   Jon D Dalton, OH

"They are easy to use."

   Tony C. Zachary, LA

"I really like this net it is so easy to throw with this ring."

   Ken W Fort Wayne, IN

"I am just learning to throw a cast net for bait fish. I really enjoyed throwing the net and seemed to learn quickly."

   Joseph C. N Ft. Myers, FL

"My son uses this net also. It is a family tradition you might say. My dad taught me to throw and I taught my son. We put your cast nets to good use and we use them a lot! Thank you."

   Gerald L. St. Jacob, IL

"A good product for the value. My buddy was impressed at the ease and said he intends to by one."

   HD Alvin, TX

"The ring on the net seems to be a great idea."

   A.C. Burden, KS

"The net is great. I cast like a pro."

   John M. Ripplemead, VA

"You have a great product for catching bait fish. This product has helped many fishermen catch many nice small mouth bass!!"

   A.J.P. Jacksonville, FL

"I am 11 years old and this net is just my size."

   Timothy O. Pelzer, SC

"Absolutely never seen anything like it!"

   Peggy J. Hartsville, SC

"Super Spreader is the best net you will ever get."

   Chris J. Odessa, FL

"I love Super Spreaders because they are fun, easy to use and actually work. The quality is excellent."

   Martin S. Lindenhurst, NY

"Net increases catch ratio quite dramatically."

   C.J. Sulphur, LA

"I catch more shrimp and bait with your Super Spreader. It's a good quality net."

   Janie R. Rockport, TX

"I bought my daughter a castnet when she was 8 years old. She is now 14. She worked for a month and then pitched in the last few $$. Even though the net was bigger and taller than she was, she still became an expert and a tourist attraction. An 8 year old girl who is so short for her age tossing a net that she has to spin around to keep it off the ground, she will be teaching me."

   Roger B. Walker, KS

"Nets come in handy to check growth, size and health of hatched fish at Brown's Fish Farm."

More Stories

Maryland's E. Shore


Last spring I was trying to gather herring in one of the tidal creeks here on Maryland's Eastern Shore to use as bait for Rockfish (Striped Bass). I was throwing a cheap Tyzac by Betts 4-footer below a small dam. There were a lot of snags and other debris in the water and after numerous hang-ups - and failed attempts to untangle the net - it still would not open correctly. On further inspection I noticed that numerous lines, lead, and brail had broken. After some stream-side mending I figured it would be okay but no such luck! I went home without much bait and called a friend to explain my dilemma. He told me about the E-Z Throw nets and brought one of his to my house. I was amazed at the ease of operation, and after going back to the creek and trying it out I could not believe the durability as well. Needless to say what started out as a day filled with frustration and little bait turned out to be a productive outing after all! My hat is off to you for making a quality product, and I will continue to use them in the future. Sincerely, Mike Rose