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Catch the Super Spreader™ Difference

Not all cast nets catch the same amount of baitfish and shrimp. Numerous factors determine what makes a high quality, top performing cast net. FITEC’S Super Spreader™ and Quick THROW™ Cast Nets will provide you with these advantages.

SPS™ Netting

Super Spreader nets are made with our very special SPS netting. SPS netting is a stronger, softer and more abrasion resistant netting. This makes it ideal for use in cast nets.

Which Net is Best For You? America’s Favorite Cast Nets Super Spreader™, Ultra Spreader™, Xtreme Spreader™, or EZ THROW™ Cast Nets

Since 1984, Fitec has been producing fine quality cast nets and is the world’s largest manufacturer of cast nets. What makes FITEC’S Super Spreader™ cast nets unique is that we produce handmade quality nets at very competitive prices. We provide the cast net user with a variety of affordable and well-built cast nets to meet the needs of the first time recreational cast net user to the serious guide series professional. Overall, we provide users with the most comprehensive assortment of cast nets.

Today, the Super Spreader™ cast net name enjoys a large distributional channel through retailers, distributors,
and finer bait and tackle store; anywhere a wide assortment of nets are made available

Superior Construction with double selvage
 for durability, strength and bottom seal

A cast net’s construction affects its ability to lay flat. The flatter a net lays, the more bait is trapped when the net is closed. FITEC offer two distinct constructions throughout the cast net series.

Made by sewing net strips in concentric circles around the net's horn with each sewed circle gathered at the seam to create an elliptical net, the bullseye net is available in the RS 750, the EZ 750, the SS 1000, and the EZ 1000 series.

Made by sewing triangular net panels together, the GS-1000 and the GS-1500 lie flatter on the bottom sealing in the bait.

Super high strength and high durability lead lines allow for non-kink performance.

Choosing a Cast Net

In cast nets there usually is not a best one net. But in selecting a net you must consider the size bait or fish you are going after, the depth of water, the weather conditions, your own cast net throwing abilities, etc. Below we will break out these different conditions and try to help you decide which net will be best for you. We always welcome questions via email. You may email us at info@castnets.com

Mesh Size / Bait, Shrimp or Fish size
Usually you will start by selecting a cast net with the mesh size you want. This selection will be based on the size bait and/or fish you are trying to net. Always remember that the smaller the mesh the more you will likely catch. But go too small and you may catch sizes you don’t want. You will also want to make sure that the mesh size you pick is small enough so not to gill the bait or fish you are after. As I am sure you may know, gilled bait will damage and likely kill it.[Bill Carson] Remember to check local laws regarding net size.

You will find a chart below with suggestions for mesh size and the size bait. Please understand that these are suggestions only. You may find that a smaller or larger mesh size turns out to be best for your situation. As a rule you want the largest mesh size that will catch the bait or fish or shrimp that you are seeking to catch. This is because the larger the mesh size the faster it will sink.
Mesh Size Bait Size
3/16" 1 - 3"
1/4" 1 - 3"
3/8" 3 - 6"
1/2" 6 - 9"
5/8" 9 - 12"
3/4" 10 - 12"
1" 9" & Up

Size (radius) of Net
Choosing the size of your net is one of the hardest decisions you will make. The general rule is that you want to have the largest net that you can comfortably throw. This will give you the best results per throw. Beginners should start out between a 4 ft and 5 ft radius net unless local regulations prohibit these sizes. We always suggest that you know your local regulations. You can find links to your local fish and game’s website in our website at  Please click this link

Weight of Net
Cast nets are generally offered with different amount of weights per radius foot. Typically they are offered in 3/4 lb, 1 lb and 1.5 lbs per radius foot. Remember this is the amount of weights added to the perimeter of the net. The entire net will weigh more. For example a 6 ft radius cast net with 1 lb per foot will have a gross weight of 8 to 9 lbs. The weight you chose will depend on the depth of water, the type bait and your ability to throw a cast net. Heavier nets are harder to throw but generally will catch more bait. But in shallow water the heavier nets may not produce that much more and will take more energy.

If you are a beginner and do not have anyone to teach you how to throw a cast net let us suggest that you try one of our EZ THROW™ series cast nets. These nets are especially made and patented. They have a ring sewn in that allows for the beginner to throw a perfect circle with limited practice. Each net comes with a instructional DVD video. Within 15 minutes you will be throwing like a pro.

Cast Net Features: What Net is Best for You?

RS 750 3/4 lb. 3 - 8 ft. 1/4", 3/8" Nylon, Clear Mono 1" - 6"  Shallow - Up to 20 ft.
SS 1000 1 lb. 3 - 12 ft. 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" Clear, Blue & Green Mono 1" - 12" Medium - Up to 26 ft.
SS 1000 with Tape 1 lb. 4 - 8 ft. 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" Clear Mono with Tape 3" - 6" Deep - Up to 30 ft.
GS 1000 1 lb. Lead 4 - 12 ft. 3/8" Clear Mono 3" - 6" Medium - Up to 26 ft.
GS 1000 Mullet Net 1 lb. Lead 6 - 12 ft. 1" Clear Mono 12" Medium - Up to 26 ft.
GS 1000 with Tape 1 lb. Lead 6 - 12 ft. 1/2", 5/8" Clear Mono Tape 1" - 12" Deep - Up to 50 ft.
GS 1500 1 1/2 lb.Lead 6 - 12 ft. 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" Clear Mono 1" - 12"+ Deep - Up to 30 ft.
GS-1500 with Tape 1.5 lb Lead 6 - 12 ft 5/8" Clear Mono with Tape 9 -12" Deep - Up to 50 ft
EZ 750 3/4 lb. 3 - 6 ft. 3/8" Nylon, Clear Mono 1" - 6" Shallow - Up to 20 ft.
EZ 1000 1 lb. 3 - 6 ft. 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Clear Mono, Blue Mono 1" - 12"+ Medium - Up to 26 ft.

1" - 3" 1/4" SQ (1/2" STR.) 5 - 9 LBS
3" - 6" 3/8" SQ (3/4" STR.) 7 - 15 LBS
6" - 9" 1/2" SQ (1" STR.) 9 - 20 LBS
9" - 12" 5/8" SQ (1 -1/4" STR.) 12 - 25 LBS