2019 Cast Net Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Cast Net Holiday Gift Guide

A cast net makes a great gift for all anglers and outdoor enthusiasts! Below is our 2019 Cast Net Holiday Gift Guide.

For The Salt or Freshwater Angler

Whether the saltwater angler in your life is looking to grab some pilchards for live bait or take advantage of the mullet run, our cast nets are built to get the job done. Land that giant Red Snapper or that massive mackerel with the help of some live, cast net caught bait.

While the use of cast nets is often associated with saltwater fishing, many freshwater anglers use cast nets to catch live bait and land anything from a monster blue catfish to a nice-sized striped bass.

To help the angler in your life load up on some fresh bait and land that big catch, check out the models listed below:

For The Novice Cast Net Thrower

Looking for that perfect and unique gift for the fisherman in your life? The EZ Throw Cast Net is an excellent gift for those just learning to throw. To aid the cast net user, the EZ Throw has the Accuthrow™ ring sewn into the center of the net. This component is thrown like a discus, with the centrifugal force allowing the net to open fully every throw.

For The Professional Anger

For the professional angler who wants a cast net built to last throw-after-throw, any of the series listed below will fit the bill. Our six-panel cast nets, specifically, are built to create maximum spread and trap more bait.

For the Angler Who Wants Bragging Rights

The Xtreme Spreader Cast Net can easily be described as the best cast net in the world! This 100% hand-made cast net is built with an ultra-strong Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Netting. It is less likely to tear, stretch, or absorb water and is 300% stronger than monofilament!

For the Shrimper

Anyone using a cast net to catch shrimp in the deep waters will tell you that Fitec’s Tape Nets outperform any of its competitors. From Florida up to the Carolinas, the shrimping community is growing year-after-year. Give the shrimper in your life a cast net that will help them pull in only the largest shrimp hauls!

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