From our Super Spreader™ Pocket Net to our unique Chain Net, our specialty nets offer even more options for the net user.

  • Super Spreader™ Chain Nets

    Super Spreader™ Chain Nets (7)

    The SS-1000CL Chain Net Super Spreader™ Series Cast Net is one of the newest and fastest growing cast nets sold in America! A “true” continuous weight line allows the net to sink evenly and has a better seal on the bottom. The SS-1000CL Chain Net Super Spreader™ takes catching bait to the next level.
  • Super Spreader™ Pocket Net

    Super Spreader™ Pocket Net (6)

    The BP-800L Super Spreader™ Pocket Net Series is our newest series. Developed from the Spanish and Japanese cultures, the bottom Pocket net is a proven producer. The 12" pocket system surrounding the lead line funnels bait for easy collection giving Fitec BP-800-L Super Spreader Pocket Net users and "extra edge." 12" POCKET SYSTEM SURROUNDING THE LEAD LINE 1 ft. deep…
  • Super Spreader™ Tape Nets

    Super Spreader™ Tape Nets (20)

    The SS-1000 Super Spreader™ Tape Series Cast Net is one of the most popular cast nets sold in America! This FITEC Super Spreader Model with the FITEC 3525 insoluble tape on both side of the cast net, stays open longer and is ideal for shrimp and other deep water targets. A “true” pound of weight per radius foot allows the…
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