20050 – Poly Minnow Seines 4′ x 1/8″ Mesh, Black Poly


20050 – Poly Minnow Seines 4′ x 1/8″ Mesh, Black Poly – $16.96


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Minnow Seine Net

If you fish using live bait, you know how much of a hassle moving live fish from place to place can be. Instead of purchasing minnows and bringing them with you every time you go out, catch your own live bait right there in the river or along the coast.

A minnow seine net from Fitec Cast Nets allows you to catch live minnows on the spot so you can use them as bait.


Our minnow seine comes in two sizes of mesh, 1/4” and 1/8”. The net is 4 feet deep. The carrying bag for this net is 9” by 9” clear plastic.

The black mesh is unobtrusive and won’t scare the bait you’re trying to catch. The net also comes equipped with commercial-grade floats to keep it up and operational. This net can span a stream or inlet to keep live minnows on hand as you fish. When you are done, you can simply remove the net and release any remaining minnows.

Get a minnow seine net and enjoy the freshest bait available next time you fish!

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