How to Select Your Super Spreader™ Cast Net

When selecting a cast net, there a few questions that should be answered:

What size is your target or bait? The size of your bait directly correlates to the size of mesh your net will need. 

1. Where will you be using your net? The type of water environment, its depth, and water currents should play a part in helping you determine your cast net’s weight.

2. How much bait do you want to catch, and how fast do you want to catch it?  This question will help determine which radius net will be best for you. The larger radius nets (8-14 ft.) will allow you to catch more bait in less time, but they also require a more experienced throwing technique than smaller nets.

3. Have you checked your state’s game and fishing regulations? Different areas may have different laws in place about cast nets.Click here to check info from your local agency. 

4. Are you a beginner? If you’re a beginner, and don’t have anyone to teach you how to throw a cast net, let us suggest that you try one of our EZ THROW™ series cast nets. These nets have a ring sewn in that allows for the beginner to throw a perfect circle with limited practice. Each net comes with an instructional DVD video. Within 15 minutes you’ll be throwing like a pro.

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