The Fitec Super Spreader SS Series is the most popular cast net sold in America! With FOCUSED SUPERIOR STRENGTH, this FITEC leader has been deemed America’s BEST CAST NET for its unique design specialized for the experienced caster. This net is constructed with a bullseye net design with a 1lb. per radius foot weight system which sinks faster and catches more bait.

Available with lead and non-lead weights.

  • SS-1000 (Non-Lead Weights)

    SS-1000 (Non-Lead Weights) (45)

    The SS-1000 Super Spreader™ Series Cast Net covers all of your casting needs. From a 3/16” up to a 5/8”, this net comes in a variety of mesh sizes. This net is constructed with a bullseye net design and comes with non-lead weights.
  • SS-100L Series (Lead Weights)

    SS-100L Series (Lead Weights) (13)

    The SS-100L Super Spreader™ Cast Net has a true pound of REAL LEAD WEIGHT per radius foot and a bullseye net design that propels the cast net to sink at a fast rate. Cast nets in the SS Series are one of the most popular cast nets sold in America, and the SS-100L covers all of your casting needs!
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