Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know which Fitec Cast Net I should purchase? When selecting a cast net, there are several things to consider. The size of your bait, how deep your fishing water is, and how much bait you are wanting to catch per throw are just some of the questions to ask yourself. Please visit our Find the Right Net page for charts and information that will help you decide on the right cast net.

Q: How do I know what sizes and types of cast nets are legal in my state? Please remember to check your state game and fish regulations before deciding on any particular net. Here is a link for a list of regulations in each state.

Q: Which cast net is the best for beginners? If you’re a beginner, we recommend that you try one of our EZ THROW™ cast nets. Fitec’s EZ THROW™ nets have a specially designed ring sewn in that allows for the beginner to throw a perfect circle with limited practice. Each net also comes with an instructional DVD video. Beginners can also view our How to Throw a Cast Net page and access several video tutorials.

Q: How Do I Care for and Extend the Life of my Cast Net? Prior to using your net, let it soak overnight in a solution of freshwater and fabric softener. This will soften and lubricate the monofilament netting and braille lines, and it will relax the netting from tight packing.

  1. Inspect your net before every use, mending any cuts or tears.
  2. Rinse your net with freshwater and hang until the lead-line is completely dry. Do not use any chemicals to clean your net.
  3. Never hang your net with the lead-line off the ground. This will tighten the knots and will remove the “broken-in” feel.
  4. Store your net in a cool, dry environment. Never expose it to the sun for extended periods because sunlight is harmful to the monofilament.
  5. Using your net in areas of reefs, rocks, or other submerged objects could lessen the life of your net. Avoid these areas if possible.

Q: How do I return my net to its original softness? You can use any brand of fabric softener overnight to soften your net. Put 1 cup of the fabric softener in a 5 gallon bucket of fresh water. Allow the net to soak overnight. You can repeat this as needed to keep your net soft and pliable

Q: Do you repair cast nets? Should I try to repair my cast net? Repairing a cast net is not easy. We have found it does not pay to ship the net back and forth to a repair facility. The total cost is usually equal or greater than the original investment for your net.

Q: Does my Fitec Cast Net have a warranty? Fitec Cast Nets have a Limited Warranty.
All nets are warrantied to be free of manufacturing defects at the time of purchase. Manufacturing defects would include any defects in materials and/or workmanship. Fitec will replace free of charge, plus a $5.00 shipping and handling fee, any net found to be defective prior to immersion in water. Please, ONLY return nets directly to Fitec International. 


Warranty does not cover misuse or customer damage due to improper use. Rips and tears occurring from use are not warranted, and nets cannot and will not be replaced. If snagged, rips and tears may occur; this is normal. Netting holes can be mended using standard monofilament fishing line to allow you to continue using your net. 

Q: I accidentally ordered the wrong net. How can I return or exchange it? All returns must contain a Return Authorization number issued by Fitec International, Inc. and shipped freight prepaid.  Freight collect terms will not be accepted.  Returns are subject to a 15% restocking charge.  The Return Authorization number must appear prominently on the outside of the shipping carton.  Returns shipped without a Return Authorization number will be refused.  Contact Fitec’s Customer Service Department at 1-800-332-6387 ext. 110 to obtain a Return Authorization number.

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here? Please visit our Contact page and reach out to us directly!