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  • Signature Series

    Signature Series (2)

    Backed by our NO QUESTIONS ASKED REPLACEMENT POLICY, the Signature Series Cast Net is a force to be reckoned with! With a monofilament that is soft as silk and yet tough as nails, come see why this cast is the best available!
  • Tape Nets

    Tape Nets (2)

    Made with the Fitec-exclusive insoluble tape design, Fitec's tape nets are ideal for catching shrimp and other deep water targets.
  • RS Series

    RS Series (2)

    The FITEC RS SERIES MODELS are a lighter net and designed for shallow water. This Bullseye net design allows the user to cast with ease and is especially popular with kayak fishermen.
  • SS Series

    SS Series (2)

    The SS Series Cast Net covers all of your casting needs. From a 3/16” up to a 5/8”, this net comes in a variety of mesh sizes. This net has one pound of lead weight per radius foot and a bullseye-constructed design
  • EZ Throw

    EZ Throw (3)

    The EZ THROW MODELS are specifically designed with the novice in mind. The EZ Accuthrow ring allows the net’s centrifugal force to practically throw itself! This series is a bullseye net design and comes in an optional ¾ lb. and 1lb. radius foot weight system.
  • GS Series

    GS Series (3)

    The FITEC ULTRA SPREADER™ GS MODELS are the top-of-the-line cast net designed with the highest quality standards. With a six-panel design to generate maximum true spread potential and the fastest sink rate, the GS Models are designed with the experienced fisherman in mind. The GS Series comes in 1 lb. per radius foot and the lightning fast 1.5 lb. per…
  • Super Spreader™ Chain Nets

    Super Spreader™ Chain Nets (1)

    The SS-1000CL Chain Net Super Spreader™ Series Cast Net is one of the newest and fastest growing cast nets sold in America! A “true” continuous weight line allows the net to sink evenly and has a better seal on the bottom. The SS-1000CL Chain Net Super Spreader™ takes catching bait to the next level.
  • Clearance

    Clearance (9)

    Check out Fitec's clearance and close-out items! Please note that all of Fitec's clearance cast nets are shipped in a bag outside of the original packaging and are sold on an as-is basis. All clearance nets are void of any warranty.
  • Super Spreader™ Pocket Net

    Super Spreader™ Pocket Net (1)

    Bottom Pocket Cast Net The BP-800L Super Spreader™ Pocket Net Series is our newest series. Developed from the Spanish and Japanese cultures, the bottom Pocket net is a proven producer. The 12" pocket system surrounding the lead line funnels bait for easy collection giving Fitec BP-800-L Super Spreader Pocket Net users and "extra edge."