EZ Throw

The EZ THROW MODELS are specifically designed with the novice in mind. The EZ Accuthrow ring allows the net’s centrifugal force to practically throw itself! This series is a bullseye net design and comes in an optional ¾ lb. and 1lb. radius foot weight system.

  • EZ Throw 1000

    EZ Throw 1000 (1)

    Specifically designed for the beginning cast net user, the EZ Throw Series is guaranteed to make casting a net a breeze! The EZ Throw Net uses the EZ Accu-Throw ring to allow the net's centrifugal force to practically throw itself! This is an excellent cast net for those learning to throw!
  • EZ Throw 750

    EZ Throw 750 (2)

    The EZ THROW™ Cast Net practically opens itself every time it is thrown – even by beginners! The patented ACCU-THROW RING™ is a our aluminum ring placed at the top of the cast net to displace the centrifugal force evenly forcing the net to open perfectly every time.