The FITEC ULTRA SPREADER™ GS MODELS are the top-of-the-line cast net designed with the highest quality standards. With a six-panel design to generate maximum true spread potential and the fastest sink rate, the GS Models are designed with the experienced fisherman in mind. The GS Series comes in 1 lb. per radius foot and the lightning fast 1.5 lb. per radius foot weight system in order to sink faster and catch more bait.

  • GS Series 1500

    GS Series 1500 (26)

    GS-1500 Ultra Spreader™ Series Created for Guides and the serious Cast Net user. The GS-1500 Ultra Spreader™ Cast Nets are designed to generate their actual maximum spread potential. The exclusive Fitec process used to create this difference correctly balances the net panels with the proper length of the lead line, in turn allowing you to catch more bait. Cast net…
  • GS Series 1000

    GS Series 1000 (8)

    GS-1000 Ultra Spreader™ Series The GS-1000 Ultra Spreader™ Series Cast Net is the most popular 3/8" mesh size for targeting bait size 3" - 6". This net has superior strength with a panel design and 1 lb. real lead weight per radius foot. Superior Strength with our Exclusive SPS™ Japanese Clear Monofilament Resin Netting which is softer for better performance.…
  • GS Series 1000 Mullet Nets

    GS Series 1000 Mullet Nets (6)

    Whether you're casting for shad or chasing the mullet run, the 1 lb. per radius ft. of lead weight allows all users to land the perfect catch! The 1" mesh on this net is the perfect size for mullet and larger bait.