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Ambassador Highlight: Abram “Tarzan” Miller

We are so excited to have Tarzan join our Ambassador Team this season! Hailing from Florida (and fishing the Indian River Lagoon), his authentic enthusiasm and constant service to others is joy and light. Since picking up his first fishing rod at the beach at the tender age of two, he became addicted to the sport and has been hooked ever since. Tarzan shares his passion for fishing through guided fishing trips for kids with cancer, teaching homeschool fishing classes, working in his local tackle store, and through his content on Instagram.

We are so excited to partner with Tarzan as he shares how fishing and being outside can improve a day and bring hope and smiles to those who are going through difficult times. Keep reading below for more gear and strategy tips from Tarzan:

What types of fish do you focus on catching, and what types of bait do you need for them?
Main fish being targeted: snook, tarpon, redfish, trout
Live bait being targeted: mullet, pilchers, mahara

What Fitec Nets do you use and why?
I have a 10’ Signature Series.* I love Fitec Nets because of their quality. Before Fitec, I was throwing a Tim Wade.
*We recently sent a 7’, ¼” Signature Series for Tarzan to try as a lighter weight, all-day net. Stay posted on how it’s worked for him!

Any other gear you love and recommend?
As far as gear goes, I have sponsors for my reels, rods, clothing, pliers and knives. They are all great companies and help me so much in helping kids with cancer. Pelagic GearDancoVanstaalLamiglas, and Fishbites.

What are your pro tips for anyone getting started with fishing or looking to improve their game, especially when going for live bait?
Go to your local tackle store and talk to them for a while. Fish and fish and fish don’t give up. Eventually all the dots will connect and you will start catching fish. Took me a while but I got it done.

Thanks, Tarzan!!

To keep up with Tarzan and what he’s up to:
IG: @fish_like_tarzan